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Debug Repl — debugging clojure code

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Lets first make sure we need a debugging tool. I for one believe (addicted) to test driven development. I should not say believe, in fact my mind works better when I write tests. Writing tests force to me to think all different scenarios code could be executed and what should be the outcome. So I have good test coverage and it is easy to debug my code when a test fail. As I will know exactly where the problem is. But when I am running my code in context of some environment it is difficult to find issues. That is when I use poor man’s debugging tool (yes I am talking about println) and try to find what is causing issue. So there is a need for a debugging tool …

My friend and colleague George introduced to me to debug-repl. In fact he wrote it. It is so simple to use. Include

(use 'alex-and-georges.debug-repl)

and put


where you want debug repl to start. When you run code, debug repl will stop the execution of code and will start a repl. Now you are free to see what values are set etc.

Check it out …

You can find debug repl at

Happy debugging … (but write tests … no excuses)

Written by Siva Jagadeesan

May 27, 2010 at 6:16 am

Posted in Clojure

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