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10 Best Inverters in India 2020 Updated

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In India, a developing economy power cut is still an issue. Frequent power cut can annoy you. Inverters are the solution for this problem. In this article, we will provide you the best inverters that you can buy from. Inverters can easily give you back for 4Hour to 16 Hour. The backup of inverter depends upon two things: First the load you want to input and battery you have installed.

In this article we will provide you all the information to select an appropriate inverter for your home. Best inverter companies that are well known are Microtek, Luminous, Exide and Amaron.

To choose best of the best inverter for you, you have to know the basic information about the types of inverters available in the market right now and there are many other specifications which are to be known before buying the best inverter for your home.

Here are some of the factors that will increase your knowledge about your inverters.

1. Square Wave Inverter or Sine Wave Inverter (Which to buy)

If you don’t want to waste your time reading this full paragraph, I want to tell you that you should definitely go for pure sinewave inverters that are the best inverters available in the market.

Reason behind choosing the pure sinewave inverters are simple. Our all appliances work on ac power and the power coming from grid is sinewave in nature. If we give square wave input to our fans or any other appliances then they will consume more power.

With square wave inverters, our appliances like fan or tv will get heated early and make sound which can be irritating.

2. Long Backup or Short Backup (How much backup do you need)

Backup of your inverter depends upon the load and battery size. Battery size comes in Ampere Hour (AH). The more the AH, the more you will get backup.

Basic rule is that if you want more backup then purchase the battery of high AH (More than 200AH)

Jump to Formula to decide battery size here

3. Inverter Power

Inverter capacity depends upon VA which is Volt Ampere. The more the VA the more devices you can run simultaneously on your inverter.

If you want best inverter then you can consider high capacity of inverters. If you want 2Kw load to run on your inverter buy 2.5Kva inverter. Simple formula to calculate inverter capacity is to divide your wattage with 0.8 and you will get your VA rating for your inverter.

Jump to formula to decide inverter capacity here.

In this article now you will get to know about best inverters for you in the following list of inverters. We have chosen 10 inverters for you.

Top 10 inverters for home in India 2020

SNo.Inverter NamePrice RangeBuy Link
1Microtek UPS SEBz 800VARs 3800-4200Click Here
2Luminous Zelio+ 1100/12VRs5500-6000Click Here
3Microtek JM SW 3000 JM SW 3000Rs12500-13000Click Here
4Amaron 675vaRs5000-5500Click Here
5Exide GQP1050VA Inverter 1050VARs 7500-8800Click Here
6V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPSRs5500-6000Click Here
7Luminous Zolt 1100Rs 5500-6000Click Here
8Su-Kam Falcon Eco 2000/24VRs6800-7000Click Here
9Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine CruzeRs10000-13000Click Here
10V-Guard Smart Pro 1200Rs7500-9000Click Here
Table of best inverters listed in this article

Best Inverter Reviews in India

Microtek UPS SEBz 800VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter

In our article you will not find any fancy looking inverters. You will find only inverters which are user friendly and available in the online as well as offline market.

Microtek UPS SEBz is a pure sine wave inverter from Microtek company. It has 800VA Transformer which can run 672Watt of appliances. You can use it for running multiple devices.

It acts best to keep safe for sensitive appliance by its sine-wave supply. It needs a single battery of 150AH to 200AH. With the help of this inverter, you can easily run the load of 4 CFL, 3 ceiling fan, 3 tube lights, 1 television when power not available.

The size of this inverter is 35*30*15cm and the weight of this microtek inverter is 9kg. It comes with 2years of onsite warranty from Microtek.


  1. Inverter gives Uninterrupted Power Supply with fast switching.
  2. There will be no fluctuation when power goes and comes.
  3. Fast Switching
  4. It has CCRC technology with auto trickle mode.
  5. The best inverter feature is pure sinewave output.


  1. It has Aluminium Transformer. Copper transformer would have been better.
  2. It has no display to show backup time.

Luminous Zelio+ 1100/12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Luminous Zelio+ 1100/12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter has 1100VA transformer. It weights 11Kg. It is also pure sinewave inverter. 

This inverter of this company comes with a 32-bit DSP processor means Digital Signal processor, which can quickly charge the batteries by not only intelligently learning and calculating the backup time but also the charging time.

This inverter comes with a large LED display that shows the many interesting indications on its screen such as backup time, charging time, Eco/UPS mode, mains on, battery water level, and system fault.

This inverter from Luminous comes with 2 Year onsite warranty. It will keep your devices safe from day to day power cuts of long hours. Because it has large VA capacity of 1100. It can run the load up to 880 Watt easily.


  1. Large Intuitive display
  2. It has large transformer capacity
  3. It has large load running capacity.
  4. It can run 3 fan + 4 CFL + 2 Tube Light 1 LED TV & 1 Refrigerator.
  5. It has input MCB at the backside for short circuit protection.
  6. It has a bypass switch to bypass in case of fault.
  7. It has ECO/UPS mode which you can use while using Computers.


  1. No information is given by the company of the transformer material used in it.
  2. User reviews suggests that this inverter has many complaints.

Microtek JM SW 3000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

If you want to run air conditioners or water pumps with your inverter batteries then this will be your choice. This is the best inverter when it comes to high load running capacity.

It can run the load upto 2160 Watts. It has a 3000VA transformer. It comes with a Micro Processor Based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade Mosfets. It is Table Top type inverter.

It works with 36 volt batteries so you have to use minimum 3 batteries of at least 150AH each with this inverter in series to make 36 volt. This inverter weights 18Kg. It comes with a 2 Year onsite warranty.


  1. It is made in India.
  2. It is also pure sinewave inverter.
  3. It supports batteries upto 220AH.
  4. It has overload and short circuit protection.
  5. It has a LED display to show the running loads and other information.


  1. It also comes with aluminium transformer.
  2. No other cons found yet.

Amaron 675va Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This is an old company mostly known for its car batteries and domestic batteries. Now they are coming in the field of making best inverters for their customers. They sell pure sinewave inverters. The material used inside the transformer coil of the inverter is of Copper which is really good. This is the reason we select this inverter in our list.

It has 675VA transformer capacity. It can run the load up to 540 Watt. For small houses, it is the best inverter choice. The weight of this inverter is 8.5Kg.

It uses Unique digital signal processing technology which enhances life of electrical products. It causes zero humming of electrical or electronic products. It delivers Pure Sine Wave Output.

The one of its kind Intelli Battery Safeguard (IBSS) ensures best charging of the battery in no time. It also protects the battery which results in long life of battery.

It has Quick Charging Technology which causes fast recharging of battery in areas which are very much prone to frequent power cuts.

It comes with a 2 Year warranty.


  1. It has rugged design combined with elegant looks.
  2. It gices constant current & constant voltage for quick charge of battery Better.
  3. It also protects to secure the UPS from external effects.
  4. It can work on low voltages down to 180volts and up  to 260volts.
  5. It also has MCB Protection.


  1. Front panel is not made of metal but of polymer.

Exide GQP1050VA 1050VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter

If you want a proper best inverter for your home with no compromise on quality, then this is the best inverter in our list. Because it is also made up of copper transformer with the capacity of 1050VA.

You can easily run upto 840 Watt of domestic load on this inverter. It has a LCD Display for enhancing the user interface and displaying the condition of the battery, voltage and charge, AC input, Display Actual Load Connected in percentage, Display Overload, Short Circuit Trip, Battery Low Trip, Ac Mains Fuse Blown.

It also has electrolyte Level Sensor Indicator for Indicating Battery Water Level Low.


  1. It has DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter which is a high-speed microprocessor for Grid Quality Power same as Mains.
  2. It has LCD Display.
  3. Exide home ups onsite warranty of 2 Years
  4. Electrolyte level indicator
  5. It has power factor-controlled Battery Charger which reduces electricity consumption.
  6. Copper Transformer Coils


  1. It has issue of frequent fuse blown.
  2. Users also review that it has high fan sound which can irritate you.

V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS

This is another company which makes best inverters in the low budget segment. This inverter has 1000VA transformer which can run load upto 800Watt. It can charge a 150AH battery in 10 to 12 hour.

The weight of this inverter is 9.4Kg. The dimension of this inverter is 275 mm x 250 mm x 120 mm. It has a high-performance selection switch which can change the power output from your inverter when you press it. With this, you can also run appliances with longer backup based on your requirements.

After buying this inverter, frequent power outage will no more a reason for an interruption. The Prime 1150 inverter UPS can run LCD/LED TV (Up to 49 inch), mixer grinder (up to 600 W), water pump(0.5 HP Monobloc), inverter refrigerator(Up to 260 L), Room Cooler (Upto 200W), Kitchen Chimney (Upto 1000 m3/hr), exhaust fans, air purifier, water purifier, music system, wi-fi router etc.

It has a battery gravity builder which keeps the battery healthy. It has battery water filling reminder option. It has LED indicator on the front panel.

It supports the battery up to 230AH. It has two Modes like Luminous inverter ECO and UPS, you can switch to UPS when using a computer.


  1. It is also equipped with a special switch option for inverter refrigerator compatibility.
  2. It protects from surge, high and low main input voltage.
  3. You can mute your inverter using the app so there will be no beep sound.
  4.  It has a selection switch for high loads.


  1. It has no digital display.
  2. It has no bypass switch.

Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter Sine Wave Home UPS (Blue)

Luminous Zolt is an intelligent UPS. It is the upgraded version of zelio 1100. It has the fastest 32bit DSP microprocessor in the segment. It comes with pure sinewave technology. It comes with intuitive LCD Display.

It has 900VA load transformer which can take load up to 765 Watt only. It gives maximum charging current of 15Amp to the battery.

It has an extra protective MCB for protection from high and low main voltage and short circuit. It has also a safety alarm feature. In-built Alarm Management, this best inverter comes with alarm system which warns you in case of short-circuit, wrong wiring, battery over-charge, overload and low battery. 

It has bypass switch which confirms direct power supply from mains to household in case of any fault in system, and allows power supply directly without changing your home wiring.


  1. It has bypass switch.
  2. It has LED display.
  3. It has ECO or UPS Mode selection feature.
  4. It has extra MCB.


  1. It works only a fix voltage range with narrow voltage fluctuations.
  2. Display data accuracy is not good.

Su-Kam Falcon Eco 2000/24V Pure Sine Wave UPS (White)

Su-Kam is another company which is well known for the solar inverter and solar panels. This inverter is for those users whose loads are higher than 1500Watt and there is frequent power outage of long hours in your area.

This inverter works only with minimum two batteries of at least 150 AH each. This inverter is designed to give backup for long hours. It has zero changeover time when power goes. It does not sound very much in operation. It has automated by pass system.

It comes with 2 Years onsite warranty. The operating voltage range of this best inverter is 90-290volt. This inverter when talks about long battery backup time is best in this segment. It is armed by inbuilt galvanic isolation transformer.

It is based on a high-end microcontroller technology. This Su-Kam falcon eco 2000 sine wave ups provides pure sine wave output that is 100 percent clean, regulated, completely stable and distortion free and absolutely safe for running the most sophisticated and sensitive appliances, silently and eliminates the need for a separate back-up for home and computer.


  1. Long Battery Backup Time
  2. Fast Charging up to 90Amp
  3. Noiseless Operation
  4. It has automatic bypass system.
  5. It has 6 stage battery charging.


  1. It cannot be used with single battery.
  2. The transformer used in this inverter is of aluminium winding.

Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine Cruze Wave UPS Inverter

If you want to run air conditioners, refrigerators or any other heavy load appliances on your inverter, then this can be the perfect or best choice inverter for you. The charging time of this inverter is of 10 to 12 hours. It supports battery up to 180AH.

It has 2000VA transformer. You can use the load up to 1600 watts on this inverter.

Runs heavy loads: The powerful UPS can run heavy loads like AC, Geyser, Petrol Pumps, Photocopiers, Dental Chairs etc.

This inverter has an LCD Display which beautifully and easily shows the status of mains availability, battery charging, battery level, etc. Adaptive Battery charging control system technology (ABCC) confirms faster battery charging and enhances battery life up to 70%.

It requires two 12-volt batteries connected to it separately for running. You cannot use it with single battery. You can adjust the charging type according to the battery you have installed.


  1. It has high overloading capacity.
  2. It has intelligent battery charging system.
  3. It can run heavy loads like ACs, Fridge, Photocopier machines etc.
  4. It comes with 2-year warranty.
  5. It has 1 MCB and 1 bypass switch for protection.


  1. It can’t be run on single battery.
  2. Repairing cost is high.

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200

Best for the last. This inverter is best inverter and last inverter in our list. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 is a smart inverter. It is also Pure Sinewave inverter. It weighs 9.5Kgs. When You buy this best inverter power outages will not be the problem to your lifestyle anymore. This top inverter can run almost all your home appliances, including you LED and LCD TV (up to 49 inch), water pumps (373 Watt or 0.5 HP) and inverter refrigerator (up to 260 L). It can also run loads of up to 1000 W, when you switch it to the Appliance mode.

It has a battery water topping reminder. This inverter comes with Bluetooth technology so you can connect this inverter via V-Guard mobile app to your phone. You can use the performance tracker to check the performance such as load, battery backup remaining and other warning alarms.

It has a turbo charge feature which can be enabled via app. When you use it your battery will charge faster but we will suggest you not to use this feature frequently as this can reduce the battery life.

It has a holiday mode feature, so that the inverter remains fully charged when you are back.


  1. Pure Sinewave operation
  2. Bluetooth Functionality with app support
  3. Battery Water Topping Reminder
  4. High overload handling capacity up to 200%
  5. High efficiency up to 85%
  6. High input voltage range 90Volt to 295volt


  1. Plastic Body panels

How Your Inverter Works?

It is important to know the working mechanism of the inverter to get the understanding of your knowledge. If you know things better, you can take batter decisions.

Inverter gets AC supply from mains and convert it into 12volt DC supply through the rectifier inside it. This DC power is given to the battery for charging purposes.

When power cuts, this DC supply of 12volt from battery is taken from the battery and convert it into 220Volt AC supply by the inverter and this AC supply is used to run our appliances when power goes.

In the modern inverters, there are using digital signal processors to be used as the CPU of the inverter. This helps the inverter in proper signalling of the inverter.

Different Types of Inverters make in India:

There are several technologies which can confuse you when you go to buy a new inverter which is best for you. We will clear all your doubts regarding your new best inverter purchase. There are mainly three technologies used in making of inverters.

1. Inverters based on Pure Sine Wave Technology:

Pure Sinewave inverter technology is the best technology available in the market right now. It keeps your home appliances safe.  We will give you the reason behind this, it is because every home appliance we have in our home are made to run on alternating current and this inverter provides them the same pure alternating current thereby keeping your home appliances safe.

These types of inverter are best inverters for heavy loads like Air conditioners, Fridges or refrigerators, Water Pumps etc. These inverters also keep our appliances cool and avoid over heating of appliances. The cons of this inverters are that these are very costly in the market. But if your budget allows you, then you should buy these inverters because these are the best inverters.

Pure Sinewave inverters also takes less power from mains as compared to other inverters and give long battery backup time so that your comfort will not be compromised.

2. Inverters based on Modified Sine Wave Technology:

This technology is not new but we will not recommend these types of inverters to anybody. Because it is just the marketing gimmick for selling their inverters at low cost by fooling their customers. These inverters are basically square wave inverters with some extra filtration of square wave.

But if you still want to buy them, we will suggest you to buy for mainly resistive loads like Bulb, TV, CFLs, LEDs or any other low power devices. Because these inverters are not the best when it comes to over heating protection of the appliance.

These inverters are costlier than the square wave inverter and cheaper than pure sinewave inverter. You can watch our video in Hindi if you want more clarification on this topic.

3. Inverters based on Square Wave Technology:

These inverters are most selling inverters in the Indian market for years now. Because they are cheaper and people are less aware of the inverter technologies.

These inverters make noise when running the home appliances. These inverters generate square waves which is not good for the rotating devices such as fans, motors, refrigerators. All the appliance when run on square wave inverters make noise and also heats very easily. When they overheat, they take more power from the battery, thereby reducing the backup of the battery and battery life.

We will never recommend you to buy these inverters because they are not suitable for your domestic loads. If you live in a cold environment or you have very low budget then you can buy these inverters. There is no advantage of this inverter other than its being cheap.

So, this is the quick comparison of the technologies used in the market.

Selection process for your inverter: How to Select best inverter for your requirements

Inverter is bought for long purpose so you have to be careful while buying an inverter for your home. There are many factors you can check before buying the best inverter for your choice. We have classified these factors in the following ways:

1. Check your Load

Before choosing the inverters, you have to select the load of your place where you want to install the inverter. We will be giving you a sample of a house load to calculate the load for yourself. To check the load of your appliance, check its specification or user manual for power consumptions.

Here is the sample calculation for home:

AppliancePower Consumption (Watt)QuantityTotal Power Consumption (Watt)
Fans80380*3 = 240
CFls or LEDs15515*5= 75
 Total Load865 Watt
Sample Design

Now our load comes out to be 865 Watt. So, the formula to calculate inverter capacity is

Inverter Capacity = Active Power / Power factor

Now active power is 865 Watt and power factor is generally taken as 0.8 for domestic loads. Power factor is the ratio of active power and Apparent Power in VA. So here we have to calculate apparent power which is the inverter capacity.

So, now putting our values in the above formula and getting the inverter capacity;

Inverter Capacity (VA)= 865 Watt / 0.8 = 1081.25 VA

Now the value comes here is 1081.25VA but there is no inverter available in the market for this specific inverter capacity. So, take any approximate value near to this. In this case we can take 1100VA capacity inverter for our selection.

So, this is how we can calculate the inverter capacity according to our load selections. Now moving on towards the battery capacity measurement.

2. Battery Size

Wrong battery selection will cause you irritation and anger on yourself. Because if you install battery without calculation, you will not get the best results out of it. So selection of the batter capacity as well as battery type is key factor for choosing the best inverter.

We are giving you complete buying guide for battery size selection so that you will not have any problem after reading this example.

Suppose you have 1100VA load of your home. So, for choosing the battery capacity which comes in ampere hour, you have to think about backup time. So, if you want a backup time of assume 6 hours with continuous full load on it, you have to first calculate current of your load.

So, for calculating current the formula is

Current = VA Load / Voltage

So now you have VA load of 1100 and the voltage is 12Volt. We have chosen 12 volts here instead of 220 volt because this time we want to calculate battery backup so we will take the battery voltage.

Current = 1100/12 = 91.66 Amp

Now we have current calculated based on our load. So, to choose the battery which will best suitable for you, we have to use the following formula:

Battery Size (AH Calculations) = Current * Backup Time = 91.66 * 6 =550 AH

So, our calculation says that you have to choose a battery with total capacity of 550AH. But there is no battery available in the market to get 550AH so now you have two choices, either purchase an inverter of 24 volt which supports dual battery and purchase two batteries of 250AH to complete your requirements.

There is another option if your budget is low, then you can go with one 250AH battery, but this will reduce your backup time by half to 3 Hour.

There are several batteries available in the market like 60AH, 120AH, 150AH, 220AH. You can purchase according to your calculations. There are various other types of batteries you can select according to your budget these are:

  • Flat plate batteries
  • Tubular batteries
  • Maintenance free batteries

In all these 3 types, the batteries which are considered to be the best is Tubular Batteries. They are costlier than flat plat and maintenance free batteries but their life is greater than these other two types of batteries. Tubular batteries have higher battery backup too.

One important thing to consider here is while maintaining a battery, always use distilled water or used water from air conditioner outlet. Do not use your home RO water because now days RO purifier has mineralizer to add minerals in the water, these minerals can harm your battery and corrode it inside.

3. Some other features you can consider after the above two important ones

We have discussed here main calculation before purchasing the top best inverter and now we will discuss some other factor you can take care to make it the best one suitable for you.

LED Display

With this feature, you can see the backup time and charging time of your battery. There are many inverter in the market right now they are armed with great LED display which shows many information regarding the health of the inverter such as water filling reminder, backup time, load on the inverter and much more.

Some inverters such as V-Guard smart inverter comes with Bluetooth technology so that you can control it from your phone.

MCB Mains

MCB main switch gives your inverter extra protection from day to day surges in voltages and in case of faults, it protects It from damaging the internal parts of your inverters. You can consider it if you want. This will again add the cost of the inverter from Rs 200 to Rs 500.

Inverter Wiring

You have to install wiring for the inverter separately to work the inverter accordingly. Users do not install inverters directly to main supply. You have installed separate wiring for your inverter devices so that they can run uninterrupted without loss of power.


Earthing is very much an important thing to consider if you want to protect yourself from any electric shock or accident. Inverter can be a dangerous device if you do not have earthing in your house. We have seen many incidents in the past where people lost their life because of no earthing installed in their houses.

Inverter Trolley

Inverter Trolley is another expense when you are purchasing a best inverter for you. You have to check for different inverter trollies for you. Plastic inverter trollies are not considered to be long lasting because they do not wear the load of the heavy battery and with time, they damage due to battery acid. You can consider steel trollies for inverter. Because they are solid and highly durable.


Brand Value is another important factor when you are going to purchase top inverter for you. Good brand will give you better after sale service and best service. You can take any inverter by the way it’s up to the user. Some user prefers brand value over specifications. At last, we can conclude the brand value plays an important role in buying the inverter.


The price rate of the inverter usually lies between Rs 2500 to Rs 8000. The price always depends upon the features of the inverter. The more the feature the more the price rises of the inverter. Although many inverter companies are more efficient than other companies, the efficiency always depends upon the amount of energy lost in the process of energy conversion from DC to AC. The efficiency formula is the ratio of output power to input power. If you want to apply more loads on your inverter, you have to buy inverter of high capacity thereby increasing the cost.

Frequently Asked Doubts regarding Inverters

1 What is the best place to keep inverter?

The best place to keep inverter is open space where’s air ventilation is very good. Air ventilation is good for the best performance of the inverter and battery backup in the open space like balcony and near windows area is the best place to keep inverter.

Air ventilation is good for heat sinking which is generated in inverter during running.

2. What are the peak and continuous loads?

The peak load is starting load of the inverter, which is important to get the device in running condition.

The continuous load is running load off the inverter. Peak load is almost thrice of the continuous load.

It is very essential to know the difference between the peak load and continuous load for buying the inverter. If we do not know the difference between these, be kind pick the right inverter for our home.

If we have in AC with starting load of 20 amp and continuous load of 7 ampere then the peak and continuous loads are given below:

20amp X 220 volts = 4400 watts peak load

 7amp X 220 volts =1440 watts continuous load.

3. Is it necessary the company of battery and inverter must be same?

No, it is not necessary to buy the inverter and battery of same companies.

It’s your choice which you can choose different companies inverter and battery.

You can also use your old inverter for new battery performance off the backup is dependent on the battery.

4. Why does the inverter beeps continuously?

Four mainly two reasons of continuously beeping.

The first one is and very common reason is low battery indication when battery is low then inverter starting beeping and it beeps continuously the charging is not started.

And the second reason is the overload you put the overload on your inverter it starts beeping.

5. When I can turn off the inverter?

There is no need to turn off the inverter because if you turn off the inverter it the battery into the Deep it means the life of the battery decreases and the performance also decreases. Turning off the inverter is is affect badly on the health of battery.

6. How to install the inverter in the house?

It is easier to you installed it with electrician and you can also call the customer service of inverters company and fix appointment to install the inverter by companies engineer. Do not install it by yourself if you do not have the knowledge of inverter installation. It is risky for you.

7. What is the life of an inverter and battery?

The life of an inverter is around 8 to 14 years usually and it also depends on the place where you keep the inverter. If the heat sinking is not proper it decrease the life of the inverter and the load is also affects the life of the inverter.

The life of the battery is around 2 years plus warranty of the battery if the charging is proper and load is is not very variable.

8. Which battery is best for home inverters?

It totally depends on your usage. It depends how many applications you connected on your inverter and what is the load of the connected applications if the load is heavy e like big size of TV to many fans and bulbs so you can buy the higher rated battery.

If your user age is less or normal usage you can choose the tubular battery over a flat plate battery and the life is far better than pirated battery.

9. Main the applications of inverter?

The main application of the inverter is the backup of electricity power cut when the power is cured it is used to run the application in home. It removes the introduction of the power cut and give the smooth and continuous running of the application at home.

And it also used to Converse and store the solar energy into the form of electrical energy which is used at the night.

10. What is the solar inverter?

Solar inverter is used the photovoltaics solar panel to convert the sun energy into the electrical energy.

Solar inverters save the solar energy into the batteries.

11. What’s the uses of solar inverter?

Solar inverters are very useful for the villages which have not the continuous source of power supply from the government where the power supply is very poor and the voltage quality is also poor.

The solar inverter is very useful for this type of places.

12. How to know the inverter is fully charged or charging or low?

The indication of fully charged and charging or low battery, is indicated by the LED and buzzer which is provided in the inverter. When the light is green it means the inverter fully charged. The orange colour of light is showing the status that inverter is charging the battery. The red colour light indication and peep sound indicates the low battery.

13. Is it normal, my inverter makes sound once it is in use?

Yes, it is normal it indicates the inverter converting current from the battery.

if the sound is very high it means your inverter transformer is in bad condition.

14. What is the normal cost of an inverter?

The cost of inverter depends on the brand and its feature and technical specifications. Normally the price of inverter for home is 5000 to 6000 with standard features if you buy the smart inverter it would be the additional cost of around 2,000. The cost would increase with the VA higher value. The price of inverter is depend on features and watt value.

15. Name of the best inverter plants in India?

Due to the high amount of power cut in rural areas inverter I have become a must application for every home. That’s why so many inverter brands run in India which provide different types of inverter four different applications and different specification for different uses. Some of popular and best brands of inverters are given below

1. Microtek – the Microtek inverter and batteries best in the market. the service they provided and the quality of the battery and inverter is really good.

2. Amaron – Amaron inverter and batteries is famous for their performance and efficiency.

3. Exide– this brand is famous for their batteries which is very powerful at very low price.

4. Luminous – This brand provides smart inverters and batteries.

16. What is the difference between inverter and UPS?

The main difference between the UPS and inverter is switch over time. The switch over time is time between the power cut and inverter supply starts. Switch over time in UPS is very less it take about 325 milliseconds. Arise inverter milliseconds. This is the major time difference between the UPS and inverter. This is the huge time difference so we highly recommend you to use Ups based inverters at your home it is very helpful for sensitive devices such as computers, tv.

This delay in the inverter is due to the reason that the inverter does not come with inbuilt belt battery whereas the UPS comes with invent battery show the power switch time is very less in UPS.

17. Which applications can I run on my inverter?

You can run almost all the applications of your normal usage at home like fan TV e bulbs tube lights computer mobile phone chargers etc.

18. What is the importance of inverter, why should I purchase an inverter?

There is too many reasons to buy by an inverter, in India power cut is very common usually the electric city comes around 14 to 20 hours average in in Suburban areas and 14 to 18 hours average in rural areas so we need 24 hours of electricity e at our homes to run the common application such as fan lights mobile charger etc. To run all our all applications continuously 24 hours which needs very essential we should buy an inverter for home.

There for you can enjoy benefit of the application even without the present of main power supply like microwave oven and the in the summer light in the night and microwave to cook the food.

19. Precautions take with operating and inverter?

There are few precautions we have to keep in my mind while we operate an inverter. Maintaining your battery and inverter is yet another task after buying the best inverter. In order to increase the life of the battery, you have to maintain it properly. There are several precautions given by us to be taken care of:

  • Clean the inverter regularly with cloth or brush regularly.
  • Keep the inverter at free space like ok a near balcony.
  • Check the water level indicator of the battery time to time and fill the water friend it low.
  • Do not touch the inverter with battery hands because water makes short circuit into the inverter.
  • Do not place the batteries near the flammable things like petrol diesel kerosene.
  • Make sure the inverter does not come in the contact of water and moisture.
  • Do not place the battery and inverter in direct sunlight.
  • Do not cover the heat point of the inverter.
  • Do not install the inverter into the bedroom.
  • Place the inverter input that try and school area.
  • Place the inverter at some height so kids do not touch it.
  • Always use distilled water in the battery, it avoids corrosion in the battery.

20. What are the types of batteries available in market?          

The knowledge of the is very important because if we did not know no about type of battery, we can’t find out the exact right battery for our uses. All inverters are not compatible with all type of batteries so it is very important to know which type of battery is supported by our inverter.

Some type poplar trees are given below-:

  •  Tubular battery

The most efficient battery is tubular battery and also the life of tubular battery is very high, the life of tubular battery is around 10 years. The maintenance is less than any other batteries like lead acid battery design of battery is very complex. Due to the long life the post of tubular batteries is higher than lead acid batteries if your budget is good then go for it.

  • Lead acid battery

This is the most common battery used almost everywhere cost of this battery is lowest than all other batteries. Lead-acid battery is capable to generate a large amount of power so where the need of high power the lead acid batteries are used. But the most disadvantage of this battery is it requires regular maintenance like water filling regularly. Eaton needs to place in in free space area with good ventilation because it heated up with the increase of load and it also releases some FA gases while charging and discharging. This type of batteries are mostly used commercial work for their lightweight and economical price. The life of lead acid battery is around 5 years.

  • Maintenance free battery

This type of battery is most reliable batteries and it is the newest type of battery available in the market. There is no maintenance in this battery it is fully sealed battery there is no head caps on this battery. The design of this battery is most complex. Due to the zero maintenance   the cost of this battery is very height. What the life of is very less. The life of battery is around 2 to 3 year.

The Verdict

In this article we have chosen 10 top best suitable inverters for you. You can consider any of the inverter from this list according to your load requirement. We have also taken care of budget in this so if you have low budget, we have the inverter for you in this list. If you want us to pick one, it will be hard because they all are the best inverters but if we still choose one, that will be V-Guard pro 1200 pure sinewave inverter.

All the inverters in this list are modern and updated for year 2020. All inverters are pure sinewave inverter. As we give you the information pure sinewave technology is the future proof technology and it is the best technology available in the market right now.

If you have still any queries, you can ask us in the comment section, we will surely reply your comments as soon as possible.

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